On-Site Milling Available
IHave your logs delivered to our site for better handling and also if lumber is to be dried.  The largest size we can mill is 32" (large end) by 20 ft. long.  Smallest is 10" (small end) by 5 ft long.
Why Kiln Dry?
Kiln Drying takes about 28 days for 4/4 thick lumber.   So you can use your lumber sooner to make your projects. 
By bringing the moisture down to 6% - 8%, you stabilize the lumber from twisting, cupping or shrinking.
Hardwoods that are over 1  1/4" thick need some time to air dry before kiln drying. 
You might  also want to kill any bugs that are living in the lumber!! 
Bugs can't survive heat over 140 degrees.
Lower prices for customers who used our sawmilling services!!
Our Projects
We built a large lathe to turn large plates. 
The table was made from basswood. 
It looked very heavy, but was very light!!

Planing and Sanding we also offer to
our customers.